Luckasa Jewelry was born and raised in Canada

Our Philosophy

You set the gold bar. We simply strive to meet it.

We don’t just believe in the standard, we live by it. What started out as designing jewelry turned into an industry rebellion. And let’s be real, it was necessary.

Everything Has A Story To Tell

Luckasa Jewelry was found in Canada. The inspiration for Luckasa’s designs has always been the art of sculpting an accessory from the highest quality fabrics and embellishments. We are a passionate, hard-working, and fun-loving team. We are devoted to fashion, style and customer service.

Our Designs

We’re a 21st-century company so we use technology everywhere, especially when it comes to design. We’re also direct-to-consumer so we always can keep a direct line of communication with you, and our community — no middlemen messing around.

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